Snipe Nose Pliers

The jaws

sually straight, but also bent in 2 ver
sions: near the point or in the middle
of the jaws, both with 45°. Bent jaws
are of great advantage in confined spa
ces. Of equal importance are the insi
des: smooth to protect wire surfaces
and components – or – with fine serra
tions to produce a safe grip.

The lengths

We distinguish between total- and
jaw-length, both together with the
individual task at hand, govern your
choice. Short pliers generally are
easier to control and handle. Longer
ones produce a greater leverage com
bined with a deeper reach which
often is of great assistance. To ease
your choice we are stating the total
and the jaw-lengths as well as the
head-dimensions of each version.

The points

3 standard shapes: “flat” – “round” –
“half round / pointed”, available in
different diameters and dimensions
with all pointed versions, but also
with some flat-nosed versions. Fine
points for delicate jobs, heavier points
for more leverage. For an easier choi
ce all dimensions are shown against
the individual models.

Snipe Nose Pliers 5.1/4'' bent, short, serrated jaws 4214HS22
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