Gripping – Holding – Bending:

we offer he widest choice. In different lengths, with different handles, point sizes, jaws straight or bent, insides smooth or serrated,
our “schmitz” pliers are versatile assistants in electronic and precision engineering. Please pay attention to the following criteria:

The lengths
We distinguish between total- and jaw-length, both together with the individual task at hand, govern your choice. Short pliers generally are easier to control and handle.
Longer ones produce a greater leverage combined with a deeper reach which often is of great assistance. To ease your choice we are stating the totaland
the jaw-lengths as well as the head-dimensions of each version.

The jaws
Usually straight, but also bent in 2 versions: near the point or in the middle of the jaws, both with 45°. Bent jaws are of great advantage in confined spaces. Of equal importance are the insides:
smooth to protect wire surfaces and components – or – with fine serrations to produce a safe grip.

The points
3 standard shapes: “flat” – “round” – “half round / pointed”, available in different diameters and dimensions with all pointed versions, but also with some flat-nosed versions. Fine points for delicate jobs, heavier points
for more leverage. For an easier choice all dimensions are shown against the individual models. Performance and workmanship Extremely precise, hot drop forged, box jointed. With double leaf springs on most models. High gloss steel
polished heads, ESD safe and comfortable handles, dissipative. (Not insulating). Guaranteed “schmitz” quality.

The lenghts

The jaws

The points