Technical Information - INOX Stainless Steel

Large choice of options
Standard is the fine polished plier without springs, coating or sleeves. Available on request are stainless steel double leaf springs, a PVC-coating of and dual-compound comfort sleeves for the handles. With our Cutters please choose between standard cutting edges for soft- and Tungsten Carbide cutting edges for hard and special materials.

Schmitz with their new series of INOX Cutters and Pliers are redefining the subject of stainless steel small imensioned tools. As specialist for boxjointed Pliers for the Electronics and Micromechanics we managed to perfect the handling of drop forged stainless steel in an extensive development, leading to a so far unknown high level of quality. In the first instance it is the successful combination of stainless high-grade steel with Tungsten Carbide, followed by extremely small overall dimensions and cutting edge shapes with nevertheless high cutting capacities, which are opening new areas of application. Cutting hard materials no longer presents a problem with at the same time a long tool life. Users in industries like Aviation - Aerospace Chemistry Electronics Medical & Dental Food Shipbuilding - Marine Oil- and Gas Pipeline Building and the appropriate maintenance are now offered the features of normal steel cutters and pliers whilst enjoying the advantages of using stainless steel.
They avoid ferrous contamination and high unex-pected costs and problems.The various patterns and options available allow the use of our schmitzstainless steel pliers and cutters in many normal and critical areas. Our standard version, with or without screw fixed stainless springs, is easy to keep clean and eye-appealing even after long time use. Perfectly rust-  and corrosion resistant they are also offered with ESD safe 2-component comfort or PVCdipped handles where needed.
In addition to the various cutter versions made we offer gripping and holding pliers, straight and bent in a larger variety. Please see next page. All fully guaranteed by a superb quality standard, the result of our long years experience in the production of precision pliers and cutters for professionals.
Just view our wide range of “normal” Electronic Cutters and Pliers out of Chrome-Vanadium and Carbon Alloy steels in our main catalogue also available to you.