Technical Information - Tungsten Carbide


Our answer to extreme demands when cutting extra hard or tough materials, i.e. piano-, nickel- and diodewires, Kevlar and similar glass-fibres as used increasingly in today’s electronic-, air- and spacecraft-industries.
Precision tungsten-carbide edges integrated into forged high-alloy steel blanks with box joint. Convincingly high cutting capacities with a minimum of effort – even under constant load and aggravating circumstances.
With different head- and bevel designs and a special cutting edge shape for glass-fibre materials.
State-of-the-art, innovative tools for highest expectations – the result of a new technology developed by us.

1. “With bevel”
With a distinct angle of intersection, for hard and soft wires, or universal
use, robust and long lasting.

2. “Fine bevel”
With a fine angle of intersection, almost flush cutting. For soft steel and copper wires in general, but in some Front- and Oblique cutters also for hard steel.

3. “Without bevel”
No angle of intersection, full flush cutting. For copper wire. Reducing unwanted pressure on sensitive components and shock absorbing.